Home Project Costs and Rates

Project Costs and Rates

Project Costs and Rates

Interior Styling

Beach Bungalow BedroomMy hourly rate for interior design and styling projects is $75 per hour, my design consultations are $125.

Each project is entirely different and to best determine the cost of the project, a design consultation is needed. Once we meet and determine the magnitude of the project I will give an estimate of hours it will take to make your dream into your reality.

Home Staging

Home staging projects are all varied depending on what is needed to get the home to sell and impress the buyer. Often we can spruce up what is already there with quick slipcovers, pillows, window coverings and accessories. Whatever is already there we can make it look fresh and impressive!

It could just be a section of the house needed to be revamped and spruced up with what we already have or we have also produced a whole house makeover, inside and out, garden included! In this case the price will be determined at the first viewing.